CoS – Chp 15: Follow the Spiders

What to find: Spiders – 6 in total.

Guidance: Spider #1: Click the seventh plant from the left twisting in the row farthest to the left.
Spider #2: Click the twisting plant in the row just left of Harry.
Spider #3: Click the sack that the third plant is growing in between the students.

(The picture moves left.)

Spider #4: Click the twisting rock lying in the middle of the grass.
Spider #5: Click the twisting tall grass center.
Spider #6: Click the twisting bush standing forefront centre.

What to find: Item to collect : Chocolate Frog Card: Beaumont Marjoribanks.
Guidance: Zoom out once to return to the first position –> click the Chocolate Frog Card sitting in the row of vegetables just left of Harry.

What to find: Item to collect : Shrivelfigs.
Guidance: Move the cursor over the withered twig at the top of the plant between Harry and Ron. –> Click the purple fruit that appears under Harry’s right hand.

What to find: Item to collect : Galleons x5.
Guidance: Zoom in once –> click the galleons in the tall grass farthest to the left.