Toil & Trouble

Pottermore doesn't always work or act the way it's supposed to, which leads to incomplete discovery bars, items you can't collect, effects that won't react, and so on – which in turn leaves a lot of you frustrated and annoyed.
I understand you, yet my abilities to help you are limited. But here is a gathering of the things I know you can try.

Notice: I can't guarantee whether any of it will work or not.

Option #1: Go through all layers : I know this sounds silly, but sometimes the issue is simply that you forgot to zoom in/out through all the layers in a moment. There may not actually be anything in the missing layer to do/collect, but you still need to zoom in/out on all layers in a moment to fill the discovery bar.

Option #2: Make sure your browser window fills the entire screen : Sometimes effects and/or items are at the edge of a moment, and if the browser window isn't big enough it won't react when the cursor runs over it.

Option #3: Zoom out in your browser (not between the layers in Pottermore but the actual browser) : If widening your browser isn't enough you can also zoom out whitin it. Here is how in Windows and Mac.
  • Windows:  Press the "Control" key and "–" key to zoom out. Press the "Control" key and "=/0" key to return to normal.
  • Mac: Press the "Command" key and "–" key to zoom out. Press the "Command" key and "=/0" key to return to normal.

Option #4: Give away and recollect : Gifting an item from a moment where the discovery bar won't fill (even though you've done everything) and then recollect it, can do the trick on occasions.

Option #5: Try from another browser : Some glitches/bugs only affects some browsers. So what may not work in e.g. Firefox works in Chrome.

Option #6: Log out : At times all it takes is for you to sign out and log in again.

Option #7: Give it time : Sometimes the moment just need a little time to register everything and fill the discovery bar. Proceed to the next moment/do something else and then return to the moment to check on it. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several days for it to happen.

Option #8: Clear cache and/or cookies : Often clearing your browser data can fix an issues. Here are guides to help you, depending on your browser.

- Cookies are relatively small data, such as your user name and password which a website saves on your computer so that it can identify you when you return.
- Cache stores files needed to view a website (text, images, and so on) so the page loads in shorter time when you return.

Option #9: Report it to Pottermore : If none of this works, you can write to Pottermore by following the link I've added in the sidebar under "NOTICE".