PoA – Chp 3: Inside the Knight Bus

What to find: Item to collect : Walking stick.
Guidance: Click the cane after tumbling the umbrella holder over with your cursor.

What to find: New material from J.K. Rowling : “The Knight Bus”.
Guidance: Click the hot water bottle lying on the forefront bed to the right.

What to find: Closer look at : Daily Prophet article.
Guidance: Click the newspaper hanging on the foot of the bed farthest back to the right.

What to find: Item to collect : 3x Galleon.
Guidance: Double-click with your cursor and the Knight Bus starts. –> Galleon no. 1: Falls from above by the stairs. –> Galleon no. 2: Rolls from the far right corner diagonally to the left. –> Galleon no. 3: Rolls from the closest left corner diagonally to the right.
Tip: You have to be quick!

Fill the Discovery Bar: All effects hidden in this moment are marked with a Golden Snitch like the one above.

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