GoF – Chp 18: Potter Stinks

What to find: Item to collect : Galleon.
Guidance: Click the galleon on the floor between Harry and Hermione.

What to find: Item to collect : Horklump Juice.
Guidance: Click the horklump juice just left of Hermione by the floor.

What to find: Item to collect : Bezoar.
Guidance: Move the cursor over the door behind Crabbe –> click the bezoar inside the classroom.

What to find: Item to collect : Potter Stinks badge.
Guidance: Click the badge in Malfoy’s pocket.

What to find: Closer look at : Badge.
Guidance: Click the badge on Goyle’s chest both while it is green and red.

Fill the Discovery Bar: All effects hidden in this moment are marked with a Golden Snitch like the one above.
Tip: Mover the cursor over Hermione’s face three times.
Tip: Move the cursor over the badges to make them change back and forth in color.

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