GoF – Chp 13: A Pure White Ferret

What to find: Closer look at : The Daily Prophet.
Guidance: Click the Daily Prophet on the floor between the trio and Crabbe & Goyle.

What to find:
Item to collect : Galleon.
Guidance: Click the galleon on the floor next to the two girls looking over the handrail at the bottom of the stairs.

What to find:
Item to collect : Fanged Frisbee.
Guidance: Click the Fanged Frisbee on the floor by the stairs left of Moody.

What to find:
Item to collect : Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Bean: Casserole.
Guidance: Click the Every-Flavour Bean to the right on stairs, 12 steps down.

What to find:
Item to collect : Liquorice Wand.
Guidance: Click the Liquorice Wand on the floor in the light of the torch right of the large group standing to the right of the stair.

Fill the Discovery Bar: All effects hidden in this moment are marked with a Golden Snitch like the one above.

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